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Silver Clay Jewellery

Updated: Feb 22

I am offering a number of half day courses using silver clay to create a lovely shiny matching earring and pendant set, created using moulds made from your choice of foliage. Choose anything from your garden, foliage foraged from your favourite park or maybe from a regular walk to create a lasting keepsake. How about making a piece that incorporates tiny shells found on your best beach, or textures from a special material, maybe taken form your wedding dress, or a christening gown?

Maybe combine the protective characteristics of silver with a plant that’s properties mean something to you, to create a meaningful charm to be worn daily.

Or simply choose from my extensive collection of moulds and texture templates (in excess of 100 at last count!)  - the choice is yours.

On the course you will do the following;

·       Explore your tool box and learn what each of the tools does

·       Spend some time planning your pieces and creating designs

·       Make moulds using the flowers and foliage you have brought (these are for you to take home)

·       Make prototypes with Fimo (if required)

·       Mould the clay

·       Dry the clay

·       File, sand and tidy the dried piece

·       Torch fire the piece

·       Complete the final file, sand, tidy and polish of the fried piece

·       Add jump rings, chains and earring wires to complete the pieces!


Depending on the size of the pieces that you want to make, there is enough silver clay included in the price to make a large pendant, or a smaller pendant and a pair of small matching earrings.  A further 7g pack can be purchased on the day for a competitive price (we get a little discount on shop prices by buying in bulk and pass this on!) if wanted.

Sterling silver wire will be included in the course materials to enable you to make earring wires for earrings, and for jump rings for the pendant, as well a silver chain.

In addition you will have a completed work book and written instructions, as well as a basic shopping list for getting your self set up to continue this hobby at home.

Refreshments, hot and cold drinks, and snacks are provided on the day and included in the price of the course. All snacks are prepacked and include the ingredients on the packaging, please check them carefully if you have allergies.

There is an on site Cafe which is a sperate business but one that I can recommend should you want something more than the light refreshments included in the price of the course.

There is free parking available the Arts and Craft centre, this can get busy but there is also free off road parking a 2 minute walk up the road in front of the CO OP. The nearest bus stop is located here also, and Runcorn Train Station is a few minutes in a taxi – or a lovely 15 minute walk along the canal. This stretch of the Bridgewater Canal has lots to see including the Marina, a couple of resident King Fishers, Swans, nesting Moor hens and more than enough ducks to keep anyone entertained!

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