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Postage and packaging

The Halton Village Silver Logo is based on my favourite tree. It lives opposite my house and as its roots are actually in my opposite neighbour’s garden, it isn’t technically mine but as its branches well and truly over hang my garden I’m claiming my share!

The tree is a huge sycamore tree, which has been here since well before the houses were built and well deserves its protected status. The tree is home to a vast amount of wildlife, with many birds and insects calling it home. The local bats live in the trees behind my house but regularly visit the big tree at dusk hunting for insects.

Jewellery comes packaged in a number of ways, some items come in personalised boxes while smaller pieces are wrapped in pretty gauze bags. Postal items are safely wrapped in letterbox sized boxes, meaning that you don’t have to be at home to receive the parcel. To keep additional costs to a minimum all items are sent second class via Royal Mail, more expensive items are

I know that all of us love our treats and gifts to be packaged all pretty and special, it’s part of the experience! But how do we balance this with reducing waste and supporting our environment? Currently, I am working through a stock of boxes and packaging already purchased, but before the next restock is due I am to have sourced a UK supplier to reduce air miles, and support a local business.

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