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Halton Village Silver

Individual handmade silver jewellery.

Using both traditional and modern silversmith techniques, I hand craft a wide variety of silver jewellery and small silver objects. Each piece is individually made with care and attention to produce something you will love and want to keep forever.

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My Story

Making things I love in the hope that you love them too!

Watching Money for Nothing one bleak, grey skied, rainy day I watched an incredibly talented blacksmith create the most amazing bench with oak leaves and acorns from some old metal heading for the skip. From that day onwards I was set on becoming a blacksmith, only the hubs pointed out that it was quite a "big" hobby! This lead me to think wider about metalsmithing and I came across a course held locally teaching traditional silversmithing techniques to create simple earrings. I attended the course and was hooked. This was the start of a journey into developing my skill, ideas, designs and tool collection! It has become a "big" obsession but my anvil fits in my handbag, unlike a blacksmiths anvil!

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100% Handmade

Custom made

At Halton Village Silver I am always ready to discuss any special requirements that you may have,  be it a particular size, stone or colour. Every attempt will be made to create the piece that you love. I love to make things specifically for people and special events and occasions.
If I'm not able to create your hearts desire (after all, none of us are skilled in every aspect of our craft!) then I will always be upfront and honest and can maybe re direct you to one of the many super skilled crafts people that I have the priviledge to know and am able to recommend.

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UK law dictates that any piece that weighs more than 7.78g must be checked and hallmarked by one of the five UK Assay Offices. My makers mark is registered at Sheffield Assay Office and all pieces requiring a hallmark are sent there for verification. Smaller pieces aren't hall marked to keep costs down but can be hallmarked on request for a small fee.

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For any inquiries or orders please get in touch with me today.

Halton Village, Cheshire, UK

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